So Many Seasons in the Sun – A look behind the scenes

I find it amazing how many people it takes to produce a baseball game.  There are countless people who dedicate their lives to producing the end result on the field.  It is also easy to forget the dedication and pride some of those behind the scenes people have in what they do.  Todays book is a glimpse at some of that dedication.


So Many Seasons in the Sun

By Lawrence Hogan 2013 – St Johann Press

When you are watching a baseball game do you ever find yourself wondering, “Hey I wonder what the clubhouse manager is doing right now?”  Yeah, me neither.  In reality the clubhouse managers have a very tough job.  They have to cater to more than 30 different personalities and basically satisfy almost every need, no matter how trivial.

So Many Seasons in the Sun takes a look at exactly what is required to be a good clubhouse manager.  It looks at the some of the most famous “clubbies” over the last century and how they performed their tasks at hand.  The author also shows how the job has evolved over the last 100 years as well.  No matter how much the job description has changed through the decades, the book a great job of showing how important  these behind the scenes people are for their teams.

Four of the most famous clubhouse managers are portrayed in this book, all who worked during different eras.  You see first hand how the job itself as well as the working conditions have changed.  While the job of the “clubbie” has never been glamorous, time has made the work a little easier.  The reader also sees how the changing modes of travel have affected the job as well.  It also interesting to see how these people, who do this for low pay and rely on clubhouse dues, wound up being lifetime employees of their respective teams.

The clubhouse managers create continuity in an ever-changing game.  The players, coaches an ownership may change, but most likely the “clubbie” is still the same.  They see all that goes on in the clubhouse, and quite honestly do a good job of keeping a lid on what the outside world does not need to know.  They see everything, hear everything and say nothing.  That is a great sign of loyalty to the people they are working with inside the clubhouse, and something the players should remember to never take for granted.

If you would like to take a fun glimpse behind the scenes this would be a great book to take a look at.  The author did a nice job of getting the forgotten members of the team some well deserved and overdue recognition.

You can get this book from St. Johann Press

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