The Local Boys……made the home-town fans proud!

There is always good feelings in a community when a local kid does something good.  Perhaps it is the community living vicariously through the over achievers.  Maybe it is a matter of civic pride shining through in an overly negative world.  Todays book dedicates itself to celebrating the local kids that accomplished their dreams, no matter how short-lived their celebrity status was.


The Local Boys-Hometown Players for the Cincinnati Reds

By: Joe & Jack Heffron-2014 Clerisy Press

As I have said numerous times before, I am a Phillies fan.  Therefore I was not overly familiar with Reds player history.  I found from the start, amazing how many hometown players the Reds have had in their history.  In that sense you could consider the Reds lucky that they did not have to look much past their own back yard to find major league talent. In our new age of combing the globe looking for qualified talent this shows how things were different, not very long ago.


The Local Boys is very consistent in the time it dedicates to each of the player profiles.  If you are a one day cup-of-coffee type of player or the all-time hit king……you get two pages in the book.  Within those two pages the authors do a great job of giving you the full story on each player.  You get the full details on their lives and careers.  When they did a profile on a deceased player, they went the extra step and found family members to talk to for an accurate portrayal.  The details really bring some of these players whom have passed on, back to life for the reader.  In this instance some of those older players may be coming to life for the first time for some readers.


This book feels more like a celebration of the locals who made good, instead of a group of biographies.  The Heffron boys display their own affection for the Reds and their storied history through this book.  I think a book like this opens the doors for other authors to the same type of books.  It would be a great service to each team to have a book like this, and be able to celebrate their own local history.


The authors should be proud of this book and their contribution to documenting Reds history.  Sometimes in our fast paced world we forget where we came from and our history gets lost in the shuffle.   Reds fans will truly enjoy this as well as other regional fans.  You might even be surprised to see who was from Cincinnati.


You can get this book from the nice folks at Clerisy Press

Happy Reading






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