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Rick Dempsey’s Caught Stealing – A lifetime of stories

By now we all know who Rick Dempsey is.  A serviceable catcher who put up decent numbers, but was never a Hall of Fame caliber player.  Even with those types of numbers it seems Rick Dempsey is almost a folk hero to the fans of the Orioles.  That brings us to today’s book…….


Rick Dempsey’s Caught Stealing

By Jonathon Schaech-2014 Cemetery Dance Publications.

Folk hero is the only reason that I can come up with as to why we need this book.  Other than becoming the 1983 World Series MVP, he had an ordinary career.  My other thought was that maybe Dempsey wanted to be like everyone else and rake in some extra money from writing a quick autobiography.  The only problem with that second idea was that Dempsey didn’t write the book and is talked about in the third person throughout most of it.  Except for a few select quotes in each chapter there does not seem to be much of the subjects influence throughout this writing.

The author grew up in Maryland and is an Orioles fan.  So that explains to some degree why he chose Dempsey.  His writing style almost comes across as “why don’t you all pull up a chair, because I am gonna tell ya a little story bout Rick Dempsey“.  Which is great if it works, but I don’t think on a player biography it necessarily works.  It almost felt like it was some sort of hero-worship book that was written by a fan with some bias towards his career.  I have had the same problem of not enjoying this kind of writing style with Jimmy Breslin’s books as well.  So maybe it is just me that is the problem with this book.

By no means am I trying to knock Dempsey’s career here.  I think he had a career to be proud of with his skills and has made a success of himself both on and off the field.  I just think the author missed his mark on this book, whatever that mark was supposed to be.  It’s a small book, approximately 130 pages, with photos and a few dead pages between chapters.  So for the price of the book, I don’t think you are getting much bang for your buck.  The low number of pages also force the book to lack any type of detail to any subject matter.  With so many other baseball books out there you get more product for your dollar.

Orioles fans will love the book I am sure,  and think I am out of my mind with this review, but I’m just being honest.  If you can find the book for a discounted price pick it up and read it, maybe I just expect to much out of a player biography.

You can get the book from the nice folks at Cemetery Dance Publications


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