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Derek Jeter – Thanks for the Memories

It’s the highly anticipated Hall of Fame announcement day.  A day when our retired heroes earn their way into the hallowed halls of Cooperstown.  I figured this would be the best time to take a look at this book since exactly five years from now we will all be celebrating this players enshrinement in the sleepy little village in upstate New York.


Derek Jeter – Thanks for the Memories

By:David Fischer – 2014 Sports Publishing

Derek Jeter was without question one of the all time greats that ever wore the pinstripes.  He was the epitome of style, grace and dedication that screamed he was a part of the New York Yankees.  A player who throughout his career demonstrated to fans that hard work does pay off.  Remember, Derek Jeter is part of the steroids era in baseball and not once has anyone brought up his name in connection to that mess.  He was this generations good guy on the field, when the guys in the white hats were getting hard to find.

David Fischer has created a book among a sea of Jeter tributes.  Some can even say the Jeter farewell was overblown and saturated the market with Jeterness.  All that aside, Fischer has created a complete and endearing picture of the little shortstop who could.  I will warn readers that this is more of a coffee table book with lots of pictures, versus a biography.

It covers Jeters start in Kalamazoo, Michigan and shows his struggles to reach the greatest stage on earth in the Bronx.  His career through various World Series triumphs and personal accolades are showcased in the pages of this book and give a complete picture of the player you saw on the field.  If you lived outside the Yankees market you will really gain something from this book, because it may fill in some of the missing pieces you may have about Jeters career.

The pictures in this book are incredible and show some great action shots.  The quotes from former teammates seem genuine and are endearing to the player.  As I said above, if you are outside the New York market you will enjoy this book as it gives some more insight as to why all the hype during last seasons farewell tour.  Yankee fans will treasure this and if they have not already, add it to your piles of Jeter memories.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Sports Publishing


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