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The Texas League Baseball Almanac

I have said before history is a an important part of the game of baseball.  No matter what level of baseball that you are a fan of, you need to know the facts.  With the surge in the popularity of Minor League Baseball you get to see the future of the game.  While witnessing that future you should also remember those that never made it past that level to become the future.  Minor league history has not always gotten the coverage it has deserved but now there is a new book that allows you to get a look at one of the leagues on a day by day basis.


The Texas League Baseball Almanac

By:David King & Tom Kayser – 2014 The History Press

The Texas League Baseball Almanac is a neat little tool for fans of the league.  It gives you a year-long day by day breakdown of  the exciting moments that happened in the league.  Memorable games, record-breaking events on the field and player triumphs have all been recorded.  It allows you to take a walk through the years of the league and see the  great moments that have happened.  For many fans it would be a great history lesson and allow them to connect with some of those players they may not of ever heard of before.  Where else will you be able to find out when Jo-Jo Jackson was ejected from the game before the line-ups were even exchanged?

These books are important because it gives some history in print to a forgotten era.  There was a time when the local minor league was the only game in town.  Before MLB expansion west of St.Louis, some of these leagues were more popular than the Majors.  Unfortunately, records have not always been kept as meticulously as they could have been so this book helps fill in some of the holes that may have been missed.  The Negro Leagues had the same record keeping problems and most of those records are gone forever, so its nice to have a book like this to cement some of the information.  Fans of the league will enjoy this book because it’s a nice look at some of the events that might not have necessarily brought headlines.  It’s easy for everyone to remember the big things that happen, but its the little things that happen on a daily basis and the people involved, that tell the whole story.

You can get this book from the nice folks at The History Press


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