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The Baseball Thesaurus

When you have an interest in baseball books as a fan, it can lead you down some really neat avenues.  Player biographies, team histories, season recaps and countless other topics are available for the knowledgeable fan.  If you are just starting out there are also learning tools available to you as a fan, that will teach you the specific language and terminology of the game, so that you understand what other people are talking about.  Every fan has to start somewhere on their learning journey and today’s book is a great tool to help kick start that quest for general baseball knowledge.


By:Jesse Goldberg-Strassler 2014

The Baseball Thesaurus takes the reader through an alphabetical journey of the sports terminology.  It breaks down all the major terms used in a baseball game and gives a few varying explanations of what the term means.  It also gives the reader other terms that are commonly accepted for the same thing or event.  All in all, this book covers a lot of ground and would really aid in bringing a novice fan up to speed on all of the baseball lingo.

Books like this are very important to baseball because they help foster each new generation into loving the game.  With the knowledge they get from this book it opens the door to reading further into the game.  It may lead them into reading the other types of books mentioned above and helps the history of the game carry on through time.

If you know of a novice baseball fan, you may want to introduce them to this book.  It will aid in their learning of the game and also shorten their learning curve.  For fans who are well versed in the game this probably will not help you much unless you want to know thirteen alternative names for a weekly hit ground ball.  In the end we as fans are all to some degree are keepers of baseball and as such, are tasked with the job of documenting, maintaining and passing on its history to future generations.

You can get this book from the nice folks at August Publications

The Baseball Thesaurus

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The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac

I have learned sometimes reading books for this blog becomes more like a job and not a hobby.  Trudging through books both good and bad is sometimes tedious, but my purpose with starting this was to help inform other readers.  For myself as a reader it is nice to have a change of pace when I find a book that is not making me think.  Today’s book is one of those books that has some serious value to the average fan but is still not to taxing on the brain.


By:Bert Randolph Sugar -2012

The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac is a handy tool for fans.  It contains statistics and facts that are of interest to the average fan.  Along with team statistics it shows overall stats for certain categories and eras.  It will help fans increase their knowledge of the game’s history, along with being an entertaining read.  It is very comprehensive in its coverage of the game’s history and allows the reader to cover a broad period of time in a very small package.

Books like this are very interesting in an era where statistics rule the game of baseball.  While this book is based on statistics, it is still the basic categories and formulas we all grew up with.  Sabermetrics and the new way to analyze baseball has its place within the game, but so do the stats of yesteryear that are not in as much favor as they once were.

Baseball fans should check this out, if nothing else you will have a good time with the memories that these statistics can generate.  It may also generate a few spirited debates between you and your friends, and that might be worth the price of the book right there.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Sports Publishing

The Baseball Maniac’s Almanac

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The New Ballgame – Understanding Baseball Stats for the Casual Fan

It’s World Series time.  What better time then now for the people who have no idea about balls and strikes to become die-hard baseball fans.  If you didn’t notice the sarcasm in that last sentence, let me point it out to you.  Visit any local watering hole and you will find lots of eyes fixated on the TV screens plastered on the walls.  Now don’t get me wrong there are true fans out there watching for the great love of the game.  Then there are those other people who have no idea what is going on, and only care because it’s the World Series and think they probably should have an interest.  Today’s book gives those later folks a chance to actually learn about what they are hearing on the TV.


The New Ballgame-Understanding Baseball Statistics for the Casual Fan

By:Glenn Guzzo-2007 Acta Sports

As long time baseball fans, we sometimes take things for granted.  We forget that at one time in our lives we were rookies in our knowledge base.  We did not have the knowledge of the history of the game, the intricacies of certain plays or even the general knowledge of how to read a box score.  We all have to start somewhere and this book does that for those fans that need help.

The author starts out simple and reviews basic everyday stats that give the uninformed fan a starting point to build their knowledge.  Then you get a historical breakdown of how the stats have been used in baseball and how they play into the overall business of baseball.  Moving on you learn how to score a game and read a box score.  Throughout the game’s history reading a box score has been paramount in bringing the final result of the game to the masses.

The next few chapters show how the game is moving into the future.  Guzzo discusses the real life application of the stats as they are discussed on television.  Also talked about is how fantasy baseball has become a success in our world, and how it plays a part of being a good fan.  Finally the book finishes up with the future of statistics in baseball.

For the casual fan who needs some background and knowledge this is a good, informative and quick read.  It will give them the basic platform on to which they can build a better understanding of the game and possibly the desire to learn even more.  Hardcore fans with a strong knowledge base may find some of the information repetitive.

While reading this, I used my own Wife as the basis of application of this book.  Her knowledge base is  higher than that of a novice fan, but still not at the level of a baseball lifer.  I find that when she asks a question about a statistic, I sometimes have trouble explaining thoroughly and clearly what the situation is.  I feel the reason is that I have known about the subject for so long, it is now something I just…..understand.  I can’t necessarily explain it, but I know how it works.  This book would do a great job of filling in the pieces I have trouble explaining to her, in a way she would easily understand.

You can get this book from the friendly folks at Acta Sports


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