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The 1986 World Series-There Was More Than Game Six

I am a big fan of anniversaries and nostalgia in baseball.  Its good to remember where we came from and what has been accomplished, so a remembrance is always a welcome sight in my eyes.  This year we knew it was coming, the 30th anniversary of the 86 World Series.  It seems to  be a bigger deal this year than the 25th anniversary was, but I always thought the 25th was celebrated more than the 30th, so I’m confused.  Be my confusion what it is, we have chosen to go all out and celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of the most thrilling World Series’ on record.  With this anniversary there have been a slew of new books coming out celebrating the World Series champs, but today’s books take a look at both teams and gives balanced comparisons of them.

SABR-1986-Mets-Red Sox-image

By: SABR-2016

If you are not familiar with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR), you have no idea what you are missing.  They are the folks who do tireless research and find us more information about our sport than we all ever thought possible.  They research complete teams and individual players, and do a stellar job at both.  New for this years 30th Anniversary, they have produced two different but connected books that remind fans that the series was about more than just Bill Buckner.

Both of the books follow the same format, so as I am describing them it pertains to both volumes.  The authors look at each man on that respective teams roster for the 1986 season.  Giving in depth bios, analysis of the season performance and interesting facts about the players.  They follow the same format for the Manager, General Manager, Coaching Staff and Announcers.  So if this is not your home town team you get a real good feel of their complete personnel package.

Next they look at key team performances throughout the year and take note of several key games that helped the team gain momentum and what made them work as a cohesive unit.  Next you see analysis of the Championship Series and the World Series.  Finally, it asks a few honest questions about the way the teams were constructed and the important numbers that stick out for each team.

Quite honestly, this is your typical SABR book and is in line with what we have all come to expect from them.  It is well researched and you feel very comfortable in the fact that you can take all information at face value and accept as that. Mainly this is because of the tireless efforts and dedication of the SABR staff and the quality work that every one of them puts forth on SABR projects.  Each one of these folks that worked on these books should be commended because they have created another quality product.

Baseball fans should check this out because there is always something new fans can learn from these types of SABR books, plus it’s always fun to remember Bill Buckner.

You can get these books from the nice folks at SABR.

1986 Mets/Red Sox

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The Year of the Blue Snow – The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies

I have never once made it a secret that my favorite team is the Philadelphia Phillies.  Through 130 years of existence, they have manged to win two World Championships and amassed over 10,000 losses.   While it is not always easy to be a Phillies fan, my dedication has gone unchallenged for almost 40 years and still going strong.  It is due to my team allegiance that when any books come out about my team, I have to check them out.  In those 130 years of history there are bound to be some real heartbreaking years in there.  For Phillies fans 1964 stands out as the all-time worst, and can generate profanity from old ladies and nuns without much effort.  That brings us to todays book, an in-depth look at that bitter 1964 season.


The Year of the Blue Snow – The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies

By Mel Marmer and Bill Nowlin – 2013 Society for American Baseball Research

Books written by the members of SABR have always been thorough and highly detailed.  They are the results of long hours of painstaking research that have given fans great historical reports with unparalleled accuracy.  The Year of the Blue Snow is no exception to SABR’s great book catalog.  Marmer and Nowlin have created a great chronicle of the horrible season that all but destroyed Phillies fans.

The authors break the season down and more importantly dissect the roster.  They look at the highlights and lowlights that occurred during the 1964 season.  Those occurrences were then put into perspective of how they fit into the season as a whole.  It gave a nice look at what actually happened to the team, how it effected them, and how it contributed to the final result, the  season ending choke.

Another aspect of this book I found very enjoyable was that it took a look at the complete roster.  It did not just a look at the original season opening day roster as other books have done.  It is everybody who wore a uniform that year, opening day, in season trades, minor league call ups, coaching staff and waiver claims.  The biographies of each player expand beyond 1964.  You get a glimpse of each players road to the majors, complete major league career, of course 1964 and post Phillies career as well as their life after baseball.  These are very complete biographies of the players and of the quality I have come to expect from SABR books.

If you have any interest in the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies, this is a great book to take a look at.  I have read and reviewed several of the books produced on this season, but this one is easily the most comprehensive.  Its scope covers everything and gives an accurate and extensively detailed picture that is chock full of information for the fans.

You can get this book by contacting the nice folks at the Society for American Baseball Research


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