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New York Yankees Seasons of Glory

When you think of the New York Yankees, you might think of an evil empire.  Some others may think Dynasty or Mickey Mantle, or World Series,  the possibilities are endless.  They have had so many great players throughout their history that some of those that did not make the Hall of Fame, get lost in the shuffle.  Usually you find books that celebrate era’s of Yankee history, but now there is one that helps celebrate the lesser remembered players.


By:Hageman & Wilbert -2002 Jonathan David Publishers

I know the Yankees have more than their share of books out there.  Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Billy Martin, Yogi Berra and Reggie Jackson alone have enough titles to fill their own bookcase.  So some might be tired of the usual Yankee stories and coverage, but this book gives you something that is a little different.

The authors have chosen to incorporate the players who may get forgotten mainly due to the sheer magnitude of the New York Yankees.  Dave Righetti, Roy White, Bobby Murcer, Clete Boyer, Tommy John, Ron Guidry and Luis Arroyo are just some of the names  included in this book.  Each was a solid quality player in their own right, but their legacies gets swallowed whole by the Yankees machine.

The book takes a look at each players best year in Yankees pinstripes, which most times coincides with the best season of their careers.  It gives a nice overview of  that season for the player, along with player bio data, stats for the player as well as news from around baseball and the world for that year,   It’s an enjoyable book that allows you to remember some pretty good players.

Yankees fans should enjoy as well as baseball history fans.  This is not the standard “the Yankees are wonderful” book you see so often.  The authors did a pretty nice job and put in some serious effort to compile this list of players and it shows.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Jonathan David Publishers


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