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Jackie Robinson In Quotes

Jackie Robinson’s legacy is well known, so there is no need for me to lay it out there for everyone.  Perhaps he has had the single greatest social impact on the game during his life and after it as well.  Regardless of his legacy, Jackie Robinson has had a serious amount of articles and books written about him. Danny Peary has put together a book that is a compilation of Jackie Robinson quotes.  It introduces a new and interesting way to see the profound impact Robinson made on the game.


By:Danny Peary-2016

Danny Peary’s book follows a unique path as far as a book goes.  The format falls in line with his other book Derek Jeter In Quotes.   Both of the books paint an interesting picture of their subjects.  The Jackie Robinson volume draws from books, player and manager interviews, newspaper articles, historians and some quotes from Jackie himself.  It allows the author to show a more intimate portrait of Robinson that a simple one dimension biography is unable to display.

Danny Peary’s books are always enjoyable to read and this one is no exception.  The other books he has collaborated on are thoroughly researched and the subjects are accurately portrayed to the reader.  This book is no exception to his past works and the new format he has with the quotes make it a very enjoyable read.  You get both a feel for Robinson as well as the person making the quote.  So in essence you are getting more than one perspective in this format.

I said it about the Derek Jeter In Quotes book and it carries true on the Jackie Robinson volume as well, this is a welcome change from the standard baseball player autobiography. Quite honestly when you read several different books in a year, you embrace a change and really enjoy something out of the ordinary.  Fans should check this out because I can almost guarantee if you think you know everything about Jackie Robinson, you don’t.  This book will surely give you some new information to add to your Jackie Robinson arsenal.  Check it out I do not think you will be disappointed.

Jackie Robinson In Quotes

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1954 – What a Year!!!

When I first saw this book in the book store I thought “uh-oh, here we go again”.  I expected another book telling me why New York baseball of the 1950’s was the best era of all time.  I expected to hear the same recycled stories of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson.  Really, how many times can we make a book about that topic anyway?  Much to my surprise and delight…….I was wrong!!!!!


1954 – The Year Willie Mays and the First Generation of Black Superstars Changed Major League Baseball Forever

By:Bill Madden / DaCapo Press 2014

The newest book from Bill Madden is a great read.  I usually don’t start my reviews with a sentence like that but I feel that strongly about this book.  Madden takes a topic that has been covered by several other authors through the years, but finds a segment of it that is often ignored.  We are all familiar with the stories of Jackie Robinson, Branch Rickey and the integration of the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.  But that is only one chapter in the complete book of integration.

1954 takes a look at the complete season and more specifically on the new black stars in each league as more teams follow in the area of racial integration.  It is an important year on the integration front due to social changes in the country since Robinson’s first appearance in 1947, as well as the end of the Korean War.  You have black players returning from military service and is the first true year that the players are all available to play together in number.  Segregation was still prominent during this period, but you do see some changes that had taken place in the period between 1947 and 1954.  Those changes allowed for some of the events of 1954 to take place.

The book also looks at how each team approached integration.  Some teams saw the benefits in both social and professional arenas, while some teams quietly fought it until the bitter end.  On the topic of integration, you always hear about Jackie Robinson because he was the first player to attempt it.  Not to discount Jackie’s historical achievements in any way but this book shows how other players were involved in the bigger overall picture.  Willie Mays, Don Newcombe, Joe Black, Hank Aaron, Larry Doby, Ernie Banks, Elston Howard and countless others all had a hand in this process.  It gives all the players that were part of the continuing process in 1954 their just due.

I would be amiss if I did not say that this book intertwines the 1954 season amongst other topics.  It shows how the topic of the black superstars affected the season as a whole and how the black stars changed the outcome of the season.  1954 can truly be remembered as a year of change that has lasted decades in baseball.  It also has throughout the book a hint of how great baseball in New York was in the 1950’s, but not enough of it to make me lose track of what the real story was about.

Bill Madden as always, in my opinion, has made a very enjoyable book to read.  It has a high attention to detail in the historical aspects and gives a very accurate depiction of the year 1954.  This book seems like it may have been a labor of love for Bill Madden and the story comes across very strongly and to the point.  I recommend this book to any true baseball history fan.  You may learn as much as I did.

You can get this books from the nice folks at DaCapo Press


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