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More Tales From The Dugout

Each of us has our favorite team.  It could be the team you have followed since you were a little kid or one whose allegiance you have recently pledged.  Regardless of who your team is, there seems to be books out there dedicated to every one of them.  Sports Publishing has put out a series dedicated to each individual team that gets the fans all the interesting inside stories from the people who lived them.

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The Tales From the Dugout series is the fans link to their favorite teams.  It gives you inside stories from some of the most interesting people who lurk behind the scenes in your favorite stadium.  Each of the books is not written by the same person, as others have been.  In this series, some are written by the teams announcer, other former players and some by the front office folks.  So each book gives you a different perspective of the team.

The two I looked at were the Kansas City Royals and the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Two teams that I will honestly say are not high on my list of knowledge.  These books gave me a little background on the stories and tales that have transpired throughout the teams history.  They are fun stories, but they also give you a little history lesson on the team.

Fans should check these out because you can learn about some new teams that have been around a long time.  Or you can re-live your own teams stories that you have probably heard hundreds of times before.  Honestly though, if it’s your hometown team you will enjoy reading those stories over and over again.

You can get these books from the nice folks at Sports Publishing



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