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The Voices of Baseball

Baseball announcers could almost be considered part of the family.  No matter which team is your favorite, you form a special bond with the announcers.  With the hours you spend listening to them throughout the course of a season they almost become an integral part of your life.  They consistently come into your home night after night and bring you the play by play and interesting antecdotes that both entertain  and educate.   It is no wonder why this new book has asked the people who have the best seat in the house night after night to reflect on the game we all so dearly love.


By: Kirk McKnight-2015

The Voices of Baseball covers all the current Major League Baseball teams.  Interviews between the author and an announcer from each team gives the reader an inside glimpse of each franchise.  With some basic history of the team and its ballpark you get a general feel for that team.  By going into greater detail of what makes the team so special to its fans shows how the announcers understand their audiences and what makes them tick.  The announcers share their own personal favorite moments and how each of their own ballparks have effected games played there.

These people by trade are great storytellers, and this book allows them to do what they are best at.  Each team has a unique story to share and the fans benefit most from their storytelling.  As with any game they work, they are able to explain events in a way that even though the fans are not there, they feel like they were.  To me that is the sign of a great announcer, being able to paint a picture in a listeners mind.  It is what sets apart the good ones from the great ones.

Baseball fans should enjoy this one as it gives a nice feel of other teams besides your own.  It also gives a team by team picture of what we all find so great about the game of baseball.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Rowman & Littlefield

The Voices of Baseball

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