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The Journey Home-My Life in Pinstripes

Recently a Facebook friend of mine asked the question, which baseball players deserve to have a book written about them.  It poses an interesting question as to what is the criteria we use to choose a subject of these books.  As you would expect everyone had their own opinion as to what made a player worthy of their own book.  Everyone from one hit wonders to Hall of Famers were mentioned.  For me it made me wonder why we even need the books of some of those people, even those players that were popular does not automatically give credence to any of the books they write.  Today’s book makes me question if we really needed this one.


By: Jorge Posada-2015

I am really not in any way a New York Yankees fan.  So I did not go into this book partaking in the drinking of the Yankees cool-aid.  While I think Jorge Posada had a decent career I honestly thought if you had placed him on another team, perhaps the Royals or the Twins during the same era, this book probably never would have been published.  So I really wasn’t expecting much from this book.  Unfortunately I can say I wasn’t disappointed.

I appreciate the effort both authors put forth in this book, I don’t think anyone sets out to write an average book.  But that is what the reader gets in this one.  Its a story that is not very riveting in any way and drags on at certain points.  It does make it hard to get through certain spots, but with some diligence you can get through it.  The major appeal that this book has to the general public is that it is another Yankees book. That alone will help peak interest in the book, but for me it just isn’t enough to justify it. I have always felt that if a publisher sees some merit in publishing a book, maybe it is worth taking a look at. Most of those books have some redeeming qualities to them, but I am not finding very many here.

Yankees fans may be a better audience for this one, because non-Yankees fans will not be able to get through the slow portions of the book.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Harper Collins


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