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The Global Baseball Classroom-Reflections Beyond Home

It is amazing the skills baseball has beyond the diamond.  It has the ability to transcend generations, bring families and friends together in any given space or time and it has the ability to bring different cultures together.  By coming together they speak their one common language……Baseball.


By:Brent Loehr-2015

Brent Loehr has written a pretty unique book here.  It takes a look at his travels to countries all around the world spreading international good will.  That good will is wrapped in a neat little package called baseball.  It is a fun look at citizens in places as far away as Africa, who live an entirely different lifestyle than we are accustom to and how they react to baseball coming into their lives.

It shows the power that can be generated from something as simple as a baseball.  It allows different cultures to come together and for short times be one.  It allows for all difference to be put aside and partake in something that creates immense joy and passion for those involved.  This book is not what you would expect from a baseball book.  It takes the game of baseball out of the context we are all accustomed to and shows what it is truly capable in other parts of the world.

All fans should check this one out.  It definitely takes us out of the world we are all accustomed to and shows the readers the ability of baseball to bring the world together as one.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Summer Game Books

The Global Baseball Classroom

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