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Whatever Happened To Super Joe?

In our busy daily lives its always fun and enjoyable to catch up with family and friends.  Jobs, your own family and limited time and resources all play into the distance between us.  When you are a baseball fan and spend eight months out of every year following your favorite team, you create a bond with the players.  They almost become a part of our family in a sense that we know a lot about them and their personal lives.  It creates a bond that grows stronger with time, but then one day their careers are over and they are gone.  It creates a void in our lives that as the years go by makes fans wonder what they are doing now.  For lucky Cleveland Indians fans, now you can see what your favorites of yesteryear are up to now.

By:Russell Schneider-2006

By:Russell Schneider-2006

This book is obviously a bit dated, but still a good resource for fans.  Some of the 45 players interviewed for this book have since passed on, but it gives you a good feel for that individual players take on his own career and what happened after the spotlight burned out.

Russell Schneider picks 45 fan favorites, or as he likes to call them, the good old guys from the bad old days of the Cleveland Indians.  Schneider does not just take the superstars from the Cleveland diamond, he also talks with those players who had very short careers with the Tribe.  The one underlying theme in this book are these are definite fan favorites.  Some of these players with marginal careers in the majors are still this day beloved by the fans in Cleveland.

From Ken Suarez and Eddie Leon to Jim Bibby and Super Joe Charboneau it gives a nice variety of personalities that got to call Cleveland home for a while.  The author created this book from interviews with the former players and another theme holds true with them as well.  Every one of them, no matter how bad the team was during their tenure, was proud to be a part of the Indians.  It shows that even in the bad times, the pride a city and team can create for fans and players.

I think all baseball fans will like this one.  Many of the players interviewed spent time outside of Cleveland so it will have a mass appeal to the fans of other teams.  This book is a nice game of remember when, where you can catch up with some old friends that you haven’t heard from in a while.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Gray & Company Publishers


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