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Just My Game – A throwback speaks his mind

In the age of seven-figure salaries and endorsement deals, it becomes harder to find respect for the game itself on the field.  Players do not care about the history of the game or the sacrifices other generations have made to allow the current group of players to reach for the stars.  Todays book reveals the thoughts of a player you could consider to be a throwback to an age of respect for the game.


Just My Game

By:Jason Grilli – 2014 Mascot Books

Jason Grilli may never be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  That is in no way a slight towards Jason, just very few players are.  He has had many stops along the way during his career.  Some have worked out better than others.  Unfortunately injuries have reared their heads more than once and seemed to slow his career dominance.  With all that has happened, Grilli has kept his head held high and persevered to try and achieve his career goals.  It is that perseverance and his respect of the game that has made him a unique player in today’s game.

Grilli is a second generation baseball player, and it is that fact that seems to make him have a better appreciation for the game.  He and his extended family understand the sacrifices that need to be made in order to become a major league player.  It has been his aspiration from a young age to be that, and he has never wavered from that goal.  His respect for the game makes me want to term him a throwback because it shows his appreciation for what he has attained.  That respect for the game has also been behind his drive to recover from numerous injuries and become a better, stronger player and person.

Grilli does a nice job in this book reflecting on his journey to the majors.  He is very honest with both his accomplishments and disappointments.  He does not shy away from anything negative and you see how each experience has made him a better person.  Grilli truly comes across as thankful for the opportunities he has been given, both in and out of baseball.  He shows his appreciation for the history of the game and how he is part of something greater than just the individual player.  He also talks about lessons he has learned from his rehabilitation experiences.  He speaks about the ways they have made him more appreciative for what he has and what he has been able to accomplish.

This is to an extent an inspirational book in the fact that it shows anyone can overcome almost any obstacle in life.  It is nice to see this kind of book from a player of the current generation.  Most of the times current players come across as me, me ,me, but this is different.  You now see there are still good guys out there on the field, living their dreams and realizing how lucky they really are to be there.

Baseball fans that want an honest, feel-good story will enjoy this book.  He may not be a Hall of Fame player but he comes across as a Hall of Fame person.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Mascot Books


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