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Milwaukee Braves-Heroes and Heartbreak

I can not even the imagine the pain involved with being a fan of a team, and then one day they are gone.  They cease to exist for whatever reason.  Perhaps they just moved to another city or became a new franchise altogether in a new location. Being a Phillies fan my entire life I have been lucky enough, or cursed depending on how you look at it, to have them in the same place for my 40-plus years.  Fans in Montreal, St.Louis and of course Washington understand the pain I am talking about, but what about Milwaukee.  They had the Braves for over a decade and had sustained success in that town, then one day they were gone.  Today’s book take a look at their short stay in Milwaukee and the glory that accompanied it

By:william Povletich-2009 Wisconson Historical Society Press

By:William Povletich-2009 Wisconson Historical Society Press

William Povletich has created a really entertaining and informative book.  He takes an in-depth look at the Braves 13 year stay in Wisconsin, where they never had a losing season.  If that wasn’t a match made in heaven for the Braves fans, what is?  The author has a special passion for the Milwaukee Braves that comes through in his writing which is an enjoyable aspect of this book.

Weaving through their short stay in Milwaukee starting with their arrival from Boston, you see the move to their new home and their ascension to the World Series.  You see the how the Braves were able to maintain winning seasons in their new town and able to garner some fan support of the quality players they provided for fan enjoyment.  Alas, it was not to be and you see how the Braves were drawn in by Atlanta and eventually left for greener pastures.

The pictures included in this book are really great.  I have read a few Braves books like this in the past and don’t ever remember seeing photos like these.  One other aspect of the book that is enjoyable is the player interviews.  The guys who actually played in Milwaukee during those glory years give you their take on events and how they unfolded.

Even if you have read other books about the Milwaukee Braves, you should still check this one out.  This books writing style and photos give it an entirely different feel than some of the others.  Each book offers different things about the same subject, and this one has earned its rightful place among them.  Braves fans will not be disappointed.

You can get this book from the nice folks at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press


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Miracle at Fenway-The Inside Story of the Boston Red Sox 2004 Championship Season

When any team has success after a substantial period of time, it is inevitable that everyone and their mother will write a book about it.  Everybody feels that they have their own slant on the project, and will bring something new to the reader.  In all reality what the reader gets is the same product wrapped up in a different package.  Today’s book offers a unique look at a subject that has been saturated with books over the last ten years.


Miracle at Fenway-The Inside Story of the Boston Red Sox 2004 Championship Season

By: Saul Wisnia-2014 St Martins Press

I will admit, when I first looked at this book I thought oh great another BoSox won the World Series book.  I wondered what could possibly be left that has not already been analyzed to death about that season.    Well guess what…….I was wrong!  Someone has finally done the research and put the effort forth to give the reader a complete picture of that magical year for Sox fans.

Saul Wisnia has taken the time to show the reader how the Red Sox assembled a World Series Champion.  He shows what it was like to be a Red Sox Fan prior to the new era of ownership and sustained winning in Boston.  You get the full feel of complacency that had overtaken the Yawkey Trust and made it time for a new ownership group to take over.  That move alone changed decades of thinking in Boston and made for a new way of life for the Fenway faithful.

The book takes you through the ownership change, front office changes, on field changes and the at the time, unpopular moves that created the champion caliber team.  So many people and events are covered here that is hard to believe a majority of the book  covers only two seasons.  If you are not a Boston Red Sox fan you will actually learn about moves that were inconsequential at the time, but made all the difference to building the team that won it all.  If you are a BoSox fan, then you already know some of these same moves and appreciate them for the full effect they had on the field.

Saul Wisnia knocks this book out of the park.  He really has put together a great story in reliving that magical year in Boston.  It is both well written and fast-moving and becomes hard to put down.  The amazing part to me, is that it was published ten years after the championship year.  It actually does give a new perspective to that season that no one else was able to capture.  To me this may be the best book on this subject on the market.  All baseball fans need to take a look at this book.

You can get this book from the nice folks at St Martins Press


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