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Scribe – My Life In Sports

Sportscasters and reporters become part of the game.  No matter what city you are in you can always find one that appeals to any fans style.  In each city around the country there are dozens of these guys enhancing the fans experience.  Bob Ryan has spent his career in Boston assessing various sports and relaying his interpretation of the games to his fans.


Scribe – My Life in Sports

By: Bob Ryan – 2014 Bloomsbury

Bob Ryan like most writers is opinionated.  He works on a daily basis to his thoughts, feelings and interpretations to the masses in hopes of finding agreement.  It has to be a tough job being in this line of work.  Between deadlines, traveling and the stirring of the masses, it eventually has to become a grind.

Ryan’s new book has it all covered.  From his upbringing in Trenton NJ, to his time with the Boston Globe.  He covers it all, from his childhood seeing the greats of various sports playing the field and covering one on one, some of the greats of the game professionally.  The book almost reads like one of Ryan’s columns.  Its opinionated and fast-moving throughout.

While its appeal may only be regionally, it still is an interesting read.  It keeps you interested throughout and if you are not familiar with his work, you will be by the time you finish this book.  That is important for the readers outside of Bob Ryan’s coverage area.  You will get an honest feel as to what his work is really like and gain an appreciation for it.  The book is very heavy in Boston coverage as you would expect since has spent a majority of his life there.   The opinions are strong and the writing is good, so fans should enjoy it.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Bloomsbury Publishing


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