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Hall of Fame Weekend Has Arrived

Well, I will admit it, I am a lousy Blogger.  Time management is not my strength when it comes to blogging, but nonetheless I have returned to try to catch up on some books.  What better time than now, it being Hall of Fame induction weekend, to catch up on some HOF books so without further comment, lets dive right in.


Released earlier this year to conveniently coincide with his induction this year, this book takes a hard look at both Raines’ life and career in his own words.  It comes across as an honest and open account of his own life.  He admits many of his mistakes along the way and how he has tried to make amends to those he hurt.  It also opened my eyes to some of the numbers Raines put up in some of his seasons.  To me he always blended into the scenery of the N.L. East and always looked good but never seemed as good as he turned out to be.  If you have an interest in the Montreal Expos, or like Tim Raines, you will really enjoy this book from Triumph Publishing.  I for one am glad that he finally got his due, Congrats Tim!


Last summers inductee Mike Piazza got his own book this year as well.  The book does cover his whole career but really shows the reader why he is in Cooperstown wearing a Mets cap.  It shows the love between Mets fans and Piazza and why he meant so much to them even though he played for other teams.  Greg Prince always brings his A-Game to his books and this is no exception, Mets fans, Piazza fans and even those in Philadelphia will enjoy the story of this local kid who made good.  You can get this one from Sports Publishing.


Kaplan’s new book brings an interesting look at a single season of Hank’s storied career.  It’s easily one of the strongest years of his career and it shows the trials and tribulations hank endured while chasing the Babe’s single season home run record.  I think this is a rather hard subject to try to unearth so many years later but Kaplan does an admirable job at it and if you have an interest in this period of baseball or the social problems that came along with being Jewish you will enjoy this book.  It also proves that Jackie Robinson was not the only one enduring slurs on the field during that era.  This is another one you can get from Sports Publishing.



This is someone who should be already in the hall, but keeps getting overlooked.  This book is very unique in that it contains tons of pictures.  It shows great images of Allen throughout his entire life and the text that accompanies it with in the book is top-notch.  Its different from any other Dick Allen book on the market so it is worth checking out if you like Dick Allen.  You can grab this one from Schiffer Publishing.


I think Alan Trammell will someday be up on that stage getting his plaque in Cooperstown, but until that time all his fans have is this lone book.  Trammell is an often overlooked subject but I have never been able to figure out why.  This is the only book I have ever been able to find on him, but it is thorough and well written and gives his fans a chance to relive his one day Hall of Fame career.  Sometime all you need is one book, as long as it is good, so for Trammell fans and Tigers fans of this era this is your book.  You can pick this one up from McFarland Publishing


Finally, Clemens is an often covered subject and one day I have a gut feeling he will make the Hall regardless of past sins.  That being said this book attempts to sum up all of the Roger Clemens events throughout his career and after.  It is a one stop shop if you will for Clemens fans and sums everything up as neatly as it can, as opposed to other books that take one aspect of the proceedings and focus on it.   If you are a Clemens fan or of the PED era, check this one from McFarland out.

That sums up this years Hall review and hopefully going forward I will be here more often, but until then…..Happy Reading!


The Flyin’ Hawaiin Spreads His Wings

Sometimes in Baseball with today’s insane salaries and elite status you get the feeling some players just don’t get it.  They believe they are special and deserving of special treatment and other accolades just because they can hit and throw a ball better than the average person.  Then, other times you come across a player that has worked extremely hard to overcome many obstacles, both public and private, to reach his pinnacle of success.  In that second instance, we as fans tend to gravitate towards that person and accept him as our own, which I believe is just human nature.  We appreciate the struggles and the perseverance that player has shown and to some degree adopt that persons determination as a part of our own struggles.


This brings us to our book today on the Blog.


Second Edition: Updated to Include 2013

Shane Victorino-The Flyin Hawaiian  

By Alan Maimon (Triumph Books Ver1-2011, Ver2-2014)

I lived through Shane Victorino’s entire tenure in Philadelphia, as I lived there during that period and as I said, I’m a die hard Phillies fan.  This book is a very accurate account of what the fans felt for Victorino and he for them as well.  There are two editions of this book out there right now.  Edition 1- Chronicles Victorino’s life and career through the end of the 2010 season. That one has the Phillies cover.  Edition 2 – includes all the information as in Edition 1 but also includes 2011 through 2013 and the Boston portion of his career.


Alan Maimon does a great job of portraying the human side of the player.  Sometime in a book like this, that gets lost and you start getting regurgitation of stats and field achievements.  You get the childhood background which explains his struggles with ADHD and coming to grips with that.  It also talks about how he overcame that obstacle and how it benefitted his career.  He covers the struggles in the minor leagues, failures with other MLB teams and almost giving up before finally getting a real chance with a team.  While not harboring on the negative, it does show the character of the man who eventually becomes the champion he is in more than one city.


First Edition: Includes through 2010

Shane Victorino has been more than just a player in the cities he has played.  You also see the side of him where he gives back to the cities he has played in with his foundation.  That is a very important aspect for the disadvantaged in the area and again shows the human side of the player.  To me, that shows that he understands how lucky he realizes he is to be gifted and takes the time to spread his wealth….and not necessarily in a monetary way.  So in the end as said above Shane Victorino gets it!


If you are a Phillies fan, Red Sox fan or just a fan of the human spirit,this would be a good read for you.  In the end of this book you find more than just the worth of the player…..you find the worth of the man.


Give the friendly folks at Triumph Books a call if this is a book that might interest you


Happy Reading