More Than A Season-Building a Championship Culture

The Kansas City Royals for most of their existence have not had a great amount of success.  A few spans here and there have produced some playoff appearances and one prior World Championship.  The last two years have brought sustained success to Kansas City and of course this years World Series trophy.  Thirty years in between championships is a long time for fans to endure.  Something had to change along that way to help them reap the rewards of being champions.  Today’s book shows the world what things changed in Kansas City to help produce a winner and it may not be exactly what you think it was.


By:Dayton Moore-2015

For many years fans of the Royals really did not have much to look forward to.  The promise of each spring eventually brought to fruition another 100 plus loss season.  Realizing they were spinning their wheels, ownership decided it was time to make fundamental changes to the organization and bring them back to their winning ways.

Ownership found their man in Dayton Moore.  Bringing him in as General Manager was their first move in restructuring the entire organizational culture.  This book takes a look at the way Moore helped formulate a winning culture at all levels and build the team up from within.

Normally a book like this you would figure would be about just building the on field product.  But what is different in this one is you get to see Moore’s management approach from a business sense, how he handled people on an individual basis and how important it is for everybody to believe in the system and buy into the entire approach.  It shows a more human side to the business of baseball and how these same sets of skills can apply to everyday business.

Now not lost in the shuffle is the baseball team.  There are plenty of stories of how through trades and draft picks they were able to become one of the strongest teams in the league.  Moore tells stories about Ownership and their dedication to winning both on and off the field.  It really gives you a glimpse of what the Royals have actually pulled off.  So many years in the making, if you were not paying attention to the Royals at the time, you may have missed the signs of great things to come.

Baseball fans should check this one out.  It is a very unique view from upper management and an approach that has worked very well for both management and fans of the Kansas City Royals.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Triumph Books

More Than A Season

Happy Reading



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