Gehrig Game by Game-One of the Greatest Hitters Ever

There are names within the game of baseball whose greatness goes unchallenged.  Ruth, Clemente, Mays, Mantle, Aaron, Cobb and Gehrig all fall into that category without question.  Now very few of us that are still alive were ever witness to some of these named greats.  Cobb, Ruth and Gehrig especially.  So these players we accept their greatness as fact strictly by word of mouth and recorded statistics.  But how many of us have ever sat down and looked at any of these players on a game by game basis?  I know I have never made the attempt to do that, and quite frankly I wouldn’t even know where to start to do the research and have my findings be 100% accurate.  Now there is a new book out that takes one of the greats and breaks his career down into every single game.


By: Kevin Larkin – 2015

Kevin Larkin has undergone an analysis of Lou Gehrig’s career that is rivaled by no one.  He has broken down every single game that Gehrig was on the New York Yankees roster and given a game synopsis.  Broken down by each season, you get every single game.  Not just certain highlights, when I say every game I mean every game.  Regular Season, Post-Season and  All-Star Games are all included here.  Some games are great for Gehrig and some were duds, as it is with any players career, so it shows you much like today there were slumps and adjustments that needed to be made.

It is a nice change to see the struggles as well as the highlights because it puts a face to Lou Gehrig that may not be often seen.  Everyone has seen the Lou Gehrig speech 100 times over and the highlights of his career are easy to find, but this is different.  It shows everything he did on the field, fielding hitting, assists and a few other spectacular moves that made him one of the all-time greatest.

The book starts with a brief synopsis about Gehrig’s life before baseball and how he made his way to the majors.  Then the  book ties up the game summaries with career statistics that help complete the overall picture of what he produced out on the field.   The final part of the book which I found very interesting is an in-depth explanation of ALS, which eventually ended Gehrig’s life.  It was a nice tie-in that shows the complete struggle he had to endure.

Kevin Larkin has done an incredible job with this book.  The research was a tremendous undertaking and he in the end produced a quality book that paints a very vivid picture of Lou Gehrig.  His attention to detail is very important in this book and it is presented in a way that keeps it interesting to the reader.  He has inserted total game details into each game entry and it keeps it interesting for the reader.  I was worried that after a few seasons it would get monotonous going through each game, but I am happy to report, the way in which it was written kept it interesting throughout.

Since it is Lou Gehrig, this will appeal to all fans of the game, it is not just Yankees specific.  He was an important part of the games history and this book shows us the accomplishments that made him that way.

You can get personally autographed copies of this book direct from the author by contacting him via email or by calling him direct at 413-446-3673

Happy Reading





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  1. Denise Keithler

    I have Kevin’s first book, “Baseball in the Baystate.” He went to great lengths to research the history of baseball in MA. I’m not much of a sports fan, but, I found the book interesting and fact-filled. I can’t wait to read this one!


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