Baseball Book Fans Unite !

Fair warning, today’s post is not about a specific book.  It is more of a question I pose to the people who take the time to read my blog.  I have always wondered what books are out there for me to find and read.  Is it just an endless abyss of books that I will never reach the end, or is there some sort of final destination.  As I find myself cruising the internet I find a sea of books available, biographies, history, trivia, team books and countless other genres that are out there.  Unfortunately for me anyway, I have never come across a comprehensive list of books available, both in and out of print.  I have come across books and lists that take on a portion of whats out there, the Top-10 Greatest, Top-100 of All-time, or even 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die.

download (1)

Ron Kaplan’s above book seems to be the most comprehensive work I have been able to find.  It covers a true 501 books, but how many baseball books are still out there for exploration?  Am I missing something?  Did I miss in my Google searches a more comprehensive list that goes higher than 501?  Is there something out there that will lead me to the answers of the questions I have about baseball books?

I guess my point is what can we as baseball book fans do to compile a list of the available books that are out there?  Is there some sort of shared database platform we could all work off of to compile this if you will, catalog?  I think for our hobby as readers it would be a helpful tool to see what we could be reading.  If you do an Amazon search of Baseball Books, you get less than 3,000 results.  But I know for sure there are more than that out there.  If anybody uses Library Thing to catalog your books, then you know you can see other people’s collections.  And if you are not using it, you should be because it is incredible.  Anyhow, between myself and one other person on there we have more than 3,000 different books combined, some of which Amazon does not display.  So that means there are more out there waiting to be found!

So what can we do?  I personally think a baseball book catalog would be helpful, but does anyone else?  And if that answer is yes, does anyone have any idea how we could do it?  I would be interested in any thoughts anyone has, because it is something that I think could be a fun project for all involved and be helpful to the baseball community as a whole.  Perhaps I am nuts in thinking its a good idea, but I still think it might be fun.

Happy Reading


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