Throwback-A Big-League Catcher Tells How the Game is Really Played

The baseball book market has offered readers tens of thousands of options.  No matter what you prefer, history, biography, or fiction there is a book out there for everyone.  The down side to all those options is you can also find books that are pointless. Something that was published to capitalize on someones current popularity, targeting an audience of fair-weather fans who know about the subject because it’s a hot topic.  You can also find books that are published just because they played the game.  No real increase in the knowledge beyond the average fan, but still published because they have a marketable name.  Today’s book falls in to that category of I am a baseball player so I am smarter than everyone else.


By:Jason Kendall-St. Martins Press 2014

I went into this book thinking I was going to get some baseball insight along with a mix of autobiography.  What I got was a book that told me how smart Jason Kendall is.  It was basically his version of what happens at each position during a game and why these things happen.   The information that Kendall gives the reader is basic strategy that the average fan to some degree already knows.

The writing style feels like Kendall is talking down to you.  It gives the feeling that he thinks he is some sort of baseball savant and enlightening the world with his knowledge.  From a personal level you get nothing substantial about him.  You learn he hates autograph seekers, but in the end really nothing in detail.

I was pretty disappointed with this book.  I had hoped for more, but there was nothing that required the reader to stop and think about.  It was one players interpretation of basic baseball.  For Jason Kendall, I guess he takes personal information seriously, and as such he keeps his story private.

You can make your own determination, but I think this book may be one fans should pass on.  There are many other options from St Martins Press worth spending your money on.  But readers should make the call.

You can check this one and a bunch of good titles at

Happy Reading


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