A Nice Little Place on the North Side

For long-suffering fans, the past 100 years at Wrigley Field has created many memories.  Some great and some….well not so great.  Nonetheless, these fans have unyielding dedication to their Cubs and there is nothing anyone can say that will change their minds.  Now there is a book where someone from the inside explains the charm of Wrigley Field and dedication that defines the Chicago Cubs fans.

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By:George F. Will – 2014 Crown Publishing

George F. Will is a self-proclaimed, life-long Cubs fan.  Having grown up in Chicago, he pledged his allegiance to the Cubs at an early age, and has shared his sufferings with millions ever since.  This new book written by Will for Wrigley’s 100th anniversary shares with the rest of the world the joys of being a Cubs fan and being able to call Wrigley home.

First Will looks at the history of Wrigley Field.  All the events that have added to the charms of the building itself and helped to build the legacy of the building that stands in the North side of Chicago.  Next, players are discussed and who has been able to call Wrigley home and create memories for the fans.  Finally the author shows us what the true Wrigley Field experience is like.  From the bleacher bums to the rooftop seats you get a good feel of what the game day atmosphere is truly like.  It completes a fun look at the ballpark for those who have never been there.  It also shows those who aren’t fans of the Cubs, the suffering that one has to endure to root for that team.

This is a fun and quick read for baseball fans.  It gives a lot of personal insight from George F. Will as to how he has suffered as a fan of the Cubs.  It adds a personal aspect to the book that really lends a whole new credence to the book that makes you appreciate the entire story.  It really sets the table for fans and the next 100 years at Wrigley Field.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Crown Publishing


Happy Reading


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