The Joy of Ballpark Food

When the phrase take me out to the ballgame is thrown around, you figure it is about the ballgame itself.  With the advent of all the new stadiums around our great land, the overall experience has come to the fore front.  No longer is the ballgame, or the players the sole purpose of going to your favorite park.  It’s about experiencing the sights, sounds and of course the food.  Todays book takes a look at all the options out there while enjoying the national pastime.


By:Bennett Jacobstein-2015 Ballpark Food Publications

Part of the experience of going to the ballpark is what can you get to eat.  The new stadiums have taken us a long way from hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jack.  No longer can you just accept what the traveling vendor who roams the stands offers to patrons, now you can get real cuisine all from the comfort of your seat.  This is where baseball has evolved beyond just the game.  Now its about entertainment and the experience of whatever city your located in at that given time.

Bennett Jacobstein has taken his love of ballpark food and turned it into this pretty cool book.  Look at it as a traveling guide for your stomach  around Major League Baseball.  The author gives us a lesson in the history of old school baseball food, looking at how it evolved from basic fare, to full-blown cuisine.  He also looks at the prices and actual menus of the by-gone eras and the new specialty fares that have become common place in both society and  major league stadiums.

The most important part of this book is the city by city tour of each stadium.  It shows the best of the best food offered at each ballpark and what each stadium uniquely offers its fans.  Each menu item is accompanied by very detailed pictures that will make any reader hungry.  It gives you a great feel for what the food experience is like at the ballpark in each city.  If you plan on visiting any unfamiliar stadium, this will definitely help you get an idea of hat you are in store for.

The authors love of food comes through loud and clear in this book.  He has a great feel for what he likes to eat and seems to enjoy sharing the food with the world.  Baseball fans should really enjoy this book and it will help you gear up your appetite for the upcoming baseball season.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Ball Park Food Publications, whose entire proceeds from the book go to the local food bank.

Happy Reading




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