The Cubs Quotient – How the Cubs Changed the World

When a team has been around for almost 150 years, they have probably seen a lot of things happen.  Within those 150 years there is the possibility that they had their hand in a historical moment or two off the field as well.  Such is the case with the Chicago Cubs.  They are more than just the curse and Wrigley Field.  They have changed the world before our very eyes.


By:Scott Rowan-2014 Sherpa Multimedia

We are all familiar with the Cubs story on the field.  They are forever waiting for next year, but it has yet to come.  Now there is a book that shows what an effect the Cubs have on our society as a whole, and the effect a team can have on the entire world.

Scott Rowan has written a book that outlines all these points.  It looks at how the Cubs have had an impact off the field and been inadvertently linked with some of the most important moments in American history.  The book covers all major aspects of our lives.  Politics, Society, Race, Vice, Innovation, Entertainment and of course Baseball.  It looks at all the major events that occurred in these arenas and how the Cubs were in some way connected to the events that unfolded.  It is a neat concept that really makes you wonder how big events touch all of our lives.

The book almost takes the approach of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  In all these great events the Cubs really are not that far off in the distance.  There is always a way to bring the Cubs into the fold.  I feel a few of the correlations are a bit of a stretch, but for the most part it’s a fun approach to the team history.  It keeps you interested throughout the entire book in the fact that it makes you wonder how the Cubs are going to be tied into this one.

This book is a fun read and all Baseball fans will enjoy it.  The book is based around just the Chicago Cubs, and one of the sections centers around the city of Chicago, but it does throw in that American history vibe that takes it beyond a regional realm.  I think a lot of fans will be surprised in what the Cubs were actually a part of, and how they changed the world we all live in.

You can get this book from the nice folks at Sherpa Multimedia

Happy Reading




  1. Jack

    It’s a very cool book. I read it recently and had no idea about so many historic moments. I never knew much about The Teapot Dome scandal and now that I know how the Cubs fit into it, it’s a very interesting story. My family is sort of sick of me saying: did you know the Cubs started this or were the first to do that.


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