Summertime Dreams – Yes, Girls Can Play Baseball!

The movie A League of Their Own tought baseball fans lots of things.  We learned there is no crying in baseball, Jimmy Dugan also warned us to avoid the clap, but most importantly it introduced to a whole new generation of fans the fact that girls can play baseball.  It opened up a whole new arena to baseball fans, new teams, new stories and new history.  There are so many stories out there to be told I am honestly surprised there have not been more books like this one.


Summertime Dreams, Yes, Girls Can Play Baseball

By:Dolly Niemiec Konwinski and Doug Williams- 2013

Dolly “The Gopher” Niemiec grew up in a generation where only boys and men played baseball.  It was a mans sport and at the time no one really though about girls playing baseball.  Until one day a life changing event happened.  Dolly’s father found an ad for local tryouts for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.  That tryout changed her life and occupied her time as a member of the league from 1948-52.  Unfortunately her career was cut short due to an auto accident in 1952.

Doug Williams has helped Dolly compile her memoirs in this little gem.  It takes a nostalgic look back at her career in the AAGPBL but her story doesn’t end there.  Dolly and Doug also take you on the journey of life after baseball which includes careers as a professional Bowler, professional Umpire, as well as helping build aircraft for the military.  It really is an extraordinary story and an enjoyable read.

I have not found a lot of books like Summertime Dreams on the market.  I have only found a handful of books from the women who played in the AAGPBL.  In reality for the amount of players that were in the league you would think just due to the law of averages you would find more books.  Sadly many of the stories from that league are being lost due to the passing of time.  I wish some more of the former players would take advantage of sharing their story so its available for future generations.  It may not be MLB baseball as we have now, but it is still an important part of baseball history

Dolly’s story is truly inspiring and shows that women can do anything that men can.  In my life, I may already view things that way, but there are probably still some people who feel that women are inferior to men.  Those people need to read this book and see how it really is.  Baseball fans should really enjoy getting a glimpse into this period of history and hearing some of those remarkable stories first hand right from the Gopher’s mouth.

You can get copies of this book by e-mailing the co-author Doug Williams

Happy Reading




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