Always A Yankee

Every child around the world has some sort of dream.  It may be to become a fire fighter, policeman, doctor or even something cooler.  Some kids dream of becoming baseball players, more precisely – a New York Yankee.  Todays book is proof that some dreams do come true.


Always A Yankee

By: Jim Coates and Doug Williams-2009

Jim Coates’ dream of becoming a baseball player is an ambitious goal no matter who the person is.  Now add in the hurdles of being from a rural coastal town in Virginia and the task becomes even more monumental.  Jim Coates’ story is one of struggle, perseverance and appreciation.  Appreciation not only for the life he has lived, but the gifts and talents he was given.  This book is almost refreshing in the day and age of the self-centered money grabbing athlete.

Always a Yankee takes you from Coates’ upbringing in rural Virginia through the accolades of being a Yankee and World Series champion.  You get an in-depth explanation of the steps he took and the sacrifices made to better his game and become a champion pitcher in New York.  He also gives the reader a glimpse of life after the Yankees and the several stops he made while winding down his career.

Jim Coates shows an overwhelming gratitude throughout the book for being who he is and the abilities he had.  He realizes how lucky he was to reach this dream of playing for the Yankees and what a charmed life that allowed for him to live during those years.  There is even a point in the book where Coates is asking himself “is this real or a dream?”  To me, that shows what kind of personality you are reading about.

Something I found really interesting about this book was that you heard about life after baseball.  Sometimes these types of books don’t really mention what the person did after they stopped playing.  These players were of the generation that you had to have off-season jobs and a career after baseball.  Coates tells you about his several careers after baseball.  He discusses the trials and tribulations encountered in life after baseball and how he was able to overcome them all.

Jim Coates was not a Hall of Fame caliber pitcher.  After reading this book, I can honestly say that I feel he is a Hall of Fame person.  His extraordinary personality came through in this book.  He honestly reflected on his life in and out of baseball and the authors gave a precise account of accomplishments.  Books like these I really enjoy, because you get to see the story of someone who was a serviceable player and one who appreciates what they accomplished.  All baseball fans should enjoy this book and I recommend it as a prefered book in the Bookcase.  Of all the books I have reviewed on my blog, this may be the one I have enjoyed the most to date.

You can get autographed copies of this book by e-mailing the co-author Doug Williams directly

Happy Reading


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