Winning in Both Leagues-Reflections From Baseball’s Front Office

I have always admired those people in life that have found their true calling.  Those people who love what they do and can’t wait to go to work each day.  It also seems that those same people have an extraordinary amount of success at their chosen profession.  Perhaps they success and happiness work hand in hand, or maybe it’s just luck.  Todays book is a look back of a truly succesful life……….


Winning in Both Leagues – Reflections From Baseballs Front Office

By: Frank Cahsen-2014 University of Nebraska Press


Frank Cashen was a man of many triumphs.  Regardless of what field he chose to partake in, he always found a high level of success.  Cashen worked in the newspaper business, breweries and baseball, for both the Baltimore Orioles and New York Mets.  He won championships with both teams and instituted winning traditions in each city.

Frank Cashen seems to have written this book without the help of any co-author.  This book is well written and thought out progressing through each part of his life.  He gives open accounts of family life and his business endeavors outside of baseball.  What takes up most of the book is reviewing his time in both Baltimore and New York, with more attention being given to the latter city.

With his first baseball stop being in Baltimore, Cashen essentially felt he was the benefactor of some of his predecessors work.  Due to that fact I think he takes more pride in his time in New York.  Since he re-built the Mets system from the ground up you can understand why he had some extra pride in their success.  The Mets were never my favorite team during Cashen’s tenure mainly because of their fans.  When the Mets would come to Philadelphia to play the Phillies their fans would follow in droves.  Most of them were a little overbearing and sometimes drunk and made life in Veterans Stadium miserable.  It was not the team’s fault,but still they bore the brunt of my hatred.

There was only one thing about this book that left me questioning its motives.  It obviously is the memoirs of Frank Cashen’s entire life and career.  With its release in early 2014 and his subsequent death not long after, why was this book written.  Did Frank know the end was near or was it just coincidental timing.  I am sure we will never have a definitive answer but I get the feeling that it was the former reason.  Overall this is a very well written book that baseball fans will enjoy no matter where your team allegiance lies.

You can get this book from the nice folks at The University of Nebraska Press

Happy Reading




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