Everyone needs a hobby I guess ????

I always say everyone needs a hobby.  Whether it is to relax in your free time, to add fulfillment to your life or just something to do until you find something better to do.  Baseball falls into the category of hobby in most of our lives.  Mostly because there are very few of us that can ever make any real money from what we do with it.  You can watch baseball, collect cards, collect autographs, write about it or make road trips with your friends to visit historical  stadiums.  There are countless other things that you can do with baseball that would be considered a hobby including today’s book…..


Baseball Burial Sites

By:Bob Bailey 2004-St Johann Press

Yes, you can visit burial sites.  I also think this is considered a hobby to many.  Now regardless of what the rest of the world thinks, this is a viable hobby to many folks.  I myself never understood the interest of visiting the grave site of a baseball personality.  Perhaps it is to pay respects or something of the sort but I still don’t really get it.  But to each their own because as the title says, everyone needs a hobby, and this is still better than collecting lint.


Bob Bailey has done a very nice job of organizing an “interesting” subject.  The book is broken down into several different sections depending on specialty.  All field personnel including umpires are included in the book.  As well as owners, broadcasters, writers and other lesser known personalities.  For each section it gives an alphabetical listing along with date of death, cemetery name and location.  I see this as a somewhat herculean task to try to find these sites to write a book.  I know from my own work trying to find a former player it can sometimes be a tall task, and that’s for the living people.


The final section of the book satisfies even the most casual of the burial site seeker.  It is an alphabetical state listing that then breaks it into individual counties.  Under the county section it then gives you the cemetery name and which players are buried there.  For me, I now know that Smokey Joe Wood is buried down the road from me.  Until I looked at this book I never knew that.  Which in turn I found odd because the town I live in (Shohola, Pa.), he is their only claim to fame and they mention him whenever possible.


In no way am I  intending to look down on anyone that enjoys this.  If this is how you enjoy the hobby then so be it.  To each their own.  I just don’t get it.  But to someone out there who enjoys this, Baseball Burial Sites is a great book for you.  The author put a lot of work in to and provides you with great information.  It’s basically a map to the burial plots.  Its well-organized and detailed so even the novice plot chaser should be able to locate who they are looking for.

You can pick up this book from the nice folks at St Johann Press.  www.stjohannpress.com

Happy Reading



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