Recognition for the General’s and Their Crews……Finally!!!

Well…… better late than never I always say!  Sometimes through the course of times and seasons things get forgotten.  People, stories, information and rosters.  And while it may not always be intentional, it still happens.  Even the most hardcore fan, if you ask them who was the bullpen coach of their favorite team in 1977, might have trouble answering that.  Well behold today’s book solves that little dilemma and brings us the information we have been missing.   


Baseball Skippers and Their Crews-The History of Every Manager and Coach 1871-2014

By Thomas W. Bracato (St Johann Press)

My first impression of this book was..WOW….what a great source of data this is.  It lists every Major League Manager, teams managed, years managed and career record.  It also gives a brief synopsis of their career touching on managerial feats as well as any playing feats if applicable.  In this digital age it is nice to have a resource like this at your finger tips.

Now the part I find really great.  It chronicles all the coaching staffs from 1871-2014 as well.  It has all the data for the coaches but without career records of course.  Where else are you going to find coaching information on the obscure and forgotten souls such as Alex Monchak, Billy Muffett and Brian Poldberg.  Its nice to be able to look in to one source and find information at your finger tips.  We are talking over 2300 people!

This is the type of book that I think has gotten forgotten in the internet age.  It reaches back to the day when the Baseball Encyclopedia was published each year and kept getting thicker and thicker and was your only source of information for stats and data.  Their truly should be a place in each fans collection for books like these.  I can see myself referring to it countless times just to verify information and to use as a learning tool.  Stats and Data Geeks rejoice, this is a book for you!

As caretakers of the history of our beloved game we each should take the time to find a copy of this book and learn from it.  It has some great information included within and I believe we all in the end could learn from it. I really don’t think you can do wrong by adding this book to your collection.

The Book is available from the nice folks at St Johann Press so give their site a look see and see what other Baseball offerings they have as well.

Happy Reading


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