Bob Feller’s Little Black Book……..Left me a little blue

Let me start this out by saying I respect Bob Feller.  I respect his outstanding Pitching career and his Hall of Fame stature.  I respect his service to our great country and the career sacrifices he made to perform his service.  I also respect the ambassador that he was to great game of Baseball.


Now all that being said I don’t always understand what purpose a book like this serves.  I really expected like the title says some Baseball Wisdom.  I did not expect the obligatory childhood background.  I figured that was something that was covered in some of the other Feller books he had written.  But what I got on this was stories about his childhood and the typical way that an elder statesman would put it…..walking uphill to school both ways 20 miles each way in a blinding blizzard in July.  I expected some stories about his career or personal insights in to the locker room.  Instead you get his thoughts on why any generation after the 1950’s basically suck.


The book comes off as to some degree bitter about why subsequent generations after his never worked hard enough and he had the best upbringing in the world and no one could have had a better childhood.  Bob Feller name drops a lot in this book.  Almost every person he talks about in the book when you get to the end of their paragraph he ends it  “with that’s why they are a close personal friend of mine”.  Well I am no bright informed reader but I sort of figured if you were talking about them like that …..well then you guys were probably friends to some degree.


Its starts with his childhood of which no one in the world had more loving parents or had a better childhood.  Then moves to his career of which he was not shy as to say how great he was then to his proud military service which I as stated above respect.  Then we move back to his career after the service then life after baseball then the world after baseball that seems to nowhere meet the work ethic and standard of Bob Feller.  Don’t even ask about Steroids and Hall of Fame standards because that seems to be hot button with him as well.


The Book flows well in the fact that it is broken up into very small subject versus being broken into longer chapters which makes it feel as if its moving quickly even when belaboring a point.  But at least it is a short read in being under 150 pages.


I really wanted this book to be good…..I swear I did just because of my respect for Bob Feller.  But as I said above he does come off somewhat bitter about the world today and the people of today.  It almost seemed as is if this would be something that you would hear from your crotchety old grandfather when complaining about what lazy slackers his grand kids are.  I don’t know if this is because it was later in his life that this was written or if time has just left him bitter overall.  But the end result was I was disappointed in the book overall but did lead me to my next question….If I read his other book, Bob Feller’s Little Blue Book…..what am I going to get different…..because it was written six years after this one.


The piece of irony about this book for me is as follows and really has nothing to do with the book itself.  I traded a signed Jose Canseco Baseball for a signed copy of this book.  So I traded a baseball of an evil steroids user… of the people he despises for a copy of his book.  So somewhere out there in the Universe or beyond I think Bob Feller is pretty pissed at me….especially after this review!


Happy Reading




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    • Gregg K.

      Both this book and the blue book were tough reads. They were essentially the same book and like you said bitter and braggart was the underlying themes of both books. Hopefully somewhere among the baseball gods he is sitting in a dugout finally cracking a smile………well almost a smile


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